Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (2019)

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, what are your thoughts? Don’t think about pool inflatables,Join us for an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Demo. the Inflatable SUPs we carry are a higher caliber product that are meant to withstand harsher terrain and situations. If you have been in the shop you will probably know where I stand on inflatables vs. fiberglass models. I continue to stand by my thoughts.

  1. The ease of storage and transport. I have a Chevy Malibu and love how compact my Inflatable SUP is. I can deflate it and throw it in my back seat or trunk and off I go. If I wanted to, I can have several in my car and still have plenty of room for passengers. At home I can keep it in a small corner of my garage or I can tuck it into a closet (if I am worried about spiders.)
  2. Inflating/Deflating. Doesn’t take much time at all. I know everyone is in a go-Go-GO mindset. However, to correct the issues that I acquired from working my other job I feel like physically pumping up my SUP is great exercise as well as a warmup for the day. My arms and shoulders make a different movement than when I am paddling on the water. It also doesn’t take too long to pump it up. Deflating is a cinch as well!
  3. Stability. With the Inflatable SUPs you will have more buoyancy. It seems weird that you will be floating higher in the water but I feel like it is far more beneficial. Due to the construction of the inflatable you have a nice solid platform under your feet from the Drop-stitch technology but it also absorbs the waves. The SUP nullifies a lot of the tossing that you would typically get from other watercrafts. I also feel it goes against the current far more efficiently.

Everyone is probably thinking that those are things that I am suppose to tell people who come in. These are my personal thoughts and opinions. The best way to see is to try it out yourself. We have a pond that sits by our store and I will gladly take anyone out to the water to let them try out the Inflatable SUPs and see what they think. Trying it out is always the best thing anyone can do.

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