The 2021 Winter Season is just around the corner and we hope everyone in Indianapolis is as excited as we are. New product has been arriving daily from Rossignol skis to Neversummer snowboards as well as Salomon ski boots and MORE!! We also have helmets and goggles arriving. (If you are currently wanting to see the new product we will start our floor move at the beginning of September.)

We know a lot of people have been researching equipment online as to which will help you preform the best or help you progress further in the world of skiing. Well, we are here to tell you that the first piece of equipment you need to look at are SKI BOOTS. Your feet are the most important component to your skiing experience. If you don?t have happy feet then you won?t be a happy skier. The fitting process for ski boots is a unique experience that is nothing like purchasing tennis shoes or other footwear. Any boot fitter will make sure that they are putting you into the best possible boot for your specific needs. No two customers have the same feet. Everyone is an individual and we go about fitting you in that manner.

Customers will come in and ask if we do Custom Boot fits, our answer is ?All boot fits at Sun Valley are custom?. Again, no two customers are the same. However, we have a strict Boot Fit Code that we follow with our fittings and we will tell you why we fit boots the way that we do. We also Guarantee your boot fit. We give you three times within a month period to try the boots out. If you feel that the boot is not satisfactory and preforming to your expectations, you can return the boot for store credit and we will put you into the boot that fits your skiing needs the best.

When it comes to fitting skis we go about it the same way as ski boots. The Sun Valley Staff is not trying to get you to spend the maximum amount of money. We are trying to match the answers to our questions with the skis that will best fit your style. There are a ton of assorted styles and brands of skis within our store. We will help narrow the masses down to a few that best suit your requests. If you are not confident yet in a purchase, don?t worry, we suggest that you go home and do some research and see if everything matches the criteria that you are looking for.

The Sun Valley Staff is here to make picking and purchasing equipment a breeze without any worry to bog you down. We help narrow it down so you can get out on the mountain and just have fun.

In addition to making the purchase of new equipment easy and hassle free, we have programs in place that will give you the confidence in your purchase as well as the best prices out there.


Also check out info on our?JUNIOR TRADE-IN PROGRAM?which has become a huge success in helping families keep their kids?in the correct fitting ski equipment.

If you have any questions regarding product availability or fitting for ski boots/skis don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop in the store and talk to our staff.

Store Phone: 317.577.5500
Winter Hours: Monday-Saturday (10am to 8pm)
Sunday (12pm to 5pm)